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150C Switch Mode Power Supplies

Spring Electronics Ltd specialises in the supply of 150C rated, high reliability switch mode power supplies for the oil and gas exploration industry and related aggressive environments. The customer configured models in the range are based upon two cases sizes. One inch (25.4mm) models for all applications down to slim hole tools and one and one half inch (38.1mm) models for larger, higher powered applications. All our switch mode power supplies have an input configured to accept either a three phase alternator or a DC battery supply up to a maximum of 150V peak to peak or 150V DC. The one inch psu's are capable of delivering five watts of power at 150C, whilst the larger one and one half inch psu's deliver twenty five watts at 150C.

Our switch mode power supplies incorporate a thermal shutdown circuit to prevent catastrophic failure of the psu due to either a load fault or excessive background temperature. The thermal shutdown circuit disables the psu until either the ambient temperature has cooled, or the outside fault has been removed. They are also fully potted to protect them from the worst effects of shock and vibration in a down hole environment and are specified to 20g rms per axis vibration and 1000g, half millisecond, half sine shock.

With over ten years of high temperature design experience behind us, we also offer a consultancy service for companies wishing to benefit from our 150C design experience. We have been associated with a number of companies both within, and without, the oilfield market and have enjoyed designing a number of low and high temperature products. Whether the design brief has been to improve the reliability of existing instrumentation or create a new product, our clients have benefited from our unique high temperature design and development experience by improving product specification and reliability, whilst reducing the development time and costs normally associated with high reliability design.

Sub Contract Manufacturing and Test
By special arrangement, we also make our high temperature production and test facility available for clients wishing to benefit from our manufacturing experience. Small volume assemblies, pcb design, manufacturing, population and test are all undertaken subject to quotation.

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150c Switch Mode Power Supplies
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